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Lead Us Not Into Temptation | Temptation

Episode Notes

Trials and tests have a different connotation than temptations, but the Bible uses the same word to describe both.

What are we asking when we ask God to lead us away from temptation?

Remove from my day opportunities I may have to sin

Lord, help me avoid tests and trials, though they may be good for me, could also be seen as Lord, don’t challenge me.

Why might we not want to be tested?

We have a real enemy.

The enemy is coming after our personalities in unique ways to keep us from being with God.

We also have an enemy within us. We are not starting with a clean slate due to our fallen nature.

Even reborn people have a lingering in dwelling sin inside of them.

Paul says in Romans that we are prisoners to sin.

We ask that God spare us from trials and tests because we might fail.

The trials and temptations will come, but Jesus says we should not look for it or ask for it.

How do we pray this sincerely?

Jesus tells us exactly what to do: Watch and pray

Am I watching and praying?

We should be watching for danger and temptation. We must stand guard and stay vigilant.

But how do we do this practically?

Maintain the ugliness of sin. Do we flee from sin or do we lean into moments of judgement, gossip, or anger?

We must have a sense that the ways of God are beautiful and the way of sin is ugly and destructive.

Watching is looking for threats, prayer is engaging with God and mutually exchanging love.

Love is part of the Christian story and who we are because we are united with Jesus in our faith.

We are loved by God whether we feel like it or not.

We need to be caught up in the delight of loving God to truly be take from temptation.

If you find yourself falling into temptation a lot, ask the question: Am I praying? Am I praying with a great loving exchange with God?